Berlin, Vol. 2: City of Smoke - Jason Lutes

This and its predecessor have provided a wealth of information about the events leading up to the end of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Third Reich. I did not realize how much the communists/socialists played into the hands of the fascists. There was a class war going on during the end of the 1920's that was not unlike what we are seeing today. That, combined with an ineffective government and a failing economy, can open the doors to horrors that I hope I only ever read about. So, the subject matter I find fascinating, the execution of it in this graphic novel, not so much. Again, the artwork is neither specific enough or consistent enough to follow easily. And in this volume, I think Lutes dwells a little too much on the underbelly of society, but it did successfully set the scene for a third installment, ending with the elections of 1930, where 83% of the electorate came out to vote in protest of the failing government, which resulted in 107 Parliament seats going to the National Socialists, also known as the Nazis.

Question to anyone who has read this: Is the angry man making a speech on pages 156-158 Hitler without the mustache?