Me Talk Pretty One Day - David Sedaris David Sedaris is my sassy gay friend. I love him and I loved this book. His self deprecation mirrors my own so well, and during my brief time reading this, I did not feel like the only underachiever in the world. My only problem with the book was some of the placement of the chapters. They did not gel as well as they could have. Most importantly, I think the last chapter was very badly placed. It had nothing to do with him, only about his father's weird hoarder obsession. Sedaris would have benefited from putting his penultimate chapter, "The Late Show" at the end. This was where he relays to us the movies of his imagination, which, of course he stars in. This chapter was much more indicative of him and where he was headed now that he had given up alcohol and drugs. I also think he could have 86th the chapter about the enormous turd in his friend's toilet.