Crossed - Ally Condie Everything that made "Catching Fire" the perfect second installment of a trilogy is completely missing in this book. The cold clinical feeling of "Matched" worked for the environment of the story, but I was hoping that throwing these characters into a more natural setting was going to breathe life into them. I was looking forward to seeing the story progress and the characters become more active. I was severely disappointed. This book was so repetitive. The society, the rising, the pilot, the rising, the carving, the rising, the canyon, the rising, the farmers, the rising. Did I mention there is a rising? It's somewhere out there and Cassia wants to get there, but Ky doesn't. The alternating 1st person narrative between Ky and Cassia was pointless. As every negative review has said, they both sounded exactly the same. I would often forget who the "I" of the chapter was. I wanted to just refer to them as "Kyssia" because after awhile, it didn't even matter to me who was narrating. The only character worth my time was Indie. She could have won The Hunger Games.