Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins About the eleventeenth time Katniss wound up in the hospital I was pretty much done with it all. Way to turn your heroine into a sad little pawn. I wanted so desperately for her to rise from the ashes, grow strong from what she had been through. I guess it was far more realistic the way it played out, and if the writing were better, perhaps it could have even been the best approach. The problem was that the writing did not change accordingly with the direction of the story. The sparse description and very simple narration of the protagonist's thoughts went perfectly with the fast moving plot of the 1st book, it faltered slightly with the second, and just collapsed in the third book. The writing could not hold up to the internal and external struggle going on throughout the story. Neither could it support the more complicated plot.

Although I have yet to read a single Harry Potter novel, I always admired the fact that as Rowling's characters and plots grew more complex, so did the writing. This trilogy would have clearly benefited from such an approach, but unfortunately Ms. Collins did not even try to do this. That being said, I still liked it for what it was. Collins still surprised me in several chapters and I was happy with Katniss's final Edward/Jacob choice. All three books will make great movies, provided the acting and the effects are good.