Loving Frank - Nancy Horan I'm not sure just what to call this piece of historical fiction: an unconventional romance? an unsuccessful feminist's manifesto? a cautionary tale on adultery and divorce? Whichever, there is not a single badly constructed sentence in this book. Unfortunately though, very few of these sentences could I grab onto and feel anything strongly for. As I said earlier in my status updates, there is no joy in this book, just pain, loss, and disillusionment. Less than halfway through, I just wanted it to be over. I found myself doing something I seldom do, taking a break to read 2 other books. This helped, actually, because I was able to then tackle this story with a fresh mind. I still didn't like it all that much, but at least I wasn't TIRED of not liking it.

It doesn't surprise me that this book is highly regarded. It has a literary quality that cannot be denied. Nancy Horan is a master of the English language, but to paraphrase another goodreads reviewer, this book was just not built for me.