The Inner Circle - T.C. Boyle If you have already seen the film KINSEY, don't bother with this novel, because that's what it is, a novel, told by a fictional narrator who is not worth the imagining of. His name is John Milk and he is a research assistant on the Kinsey project, whose scientific objectivity is constantly at odds with his emotions. This grew tiresome very quickly, as did every character in the book (Kinsey included), with the exception of one character, John's wife, Iris. How I wish Boyle had alternated the narration between her and her husband. I was most able to associate myself with her character, and I would have loved to have read first hand about what she was going through, as a wife in the Kinsey "Inner Circle", forced to put up with their questionable methods in the name of science. She was the only character to actually stand up to that boarish professor, and she made me want to stand up and cheer. Unfortunately, as the book was written, Iris is not enough to have made me enjoy this read.