The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen I love a good dysfunctional family epic, but THE CORRECTIONS made me nauseous. I had such high hopes after reading praise for this book from the authors of two of my most favorite dysfunctional family novels, Pat Conroy (The Prince of Tides) and Michael Cunningham (Flesh and Blood). But while this book had plenty of dysfunction, the disjointedness of it really took its toll on the family aspect of the book.

What's more, I could not get past the ugliness of this book. There was no joy whatsoever, and without joy, how do you appreciate sorrow? Franzen embarks on tangents of ugliness that I found myself begging him (out loud) to end. It's unbalanced and in serious need of a good edit and the ending is perhaps the most unsatisfying end of a 500+ page book I have ever read. It's a shame this book was published in early 2001, because if ever there was a family who needed to be bitchslapped by 9/11, it would be The Lamberts. I could think of no better "correction" to the Y2K bullshit of the new millennium than such.

ETA: Franzen can actually write. I gave him two stars based entirely on his ability to craft a descriptive sentence. But many hundred well crafted sentences are not enough to make a good novel.